My Clever Little Moneky

Harry received the sweetest Melissa & Doug toys from Clever Little Monkey. I absolutely love wooden toys (plastic always breaks) – and, these are not static, but each has some sort of moving part. They’re sturdy for little hands and come in bright colours and clever styling.

The back of this low loader truck flips up and down, while a roller and digger nest perfectly in the little slatted holes. This set becomes bit of a 3-1 toy where one can create a little construction game of sorts. I love how these toys lend themselves to imaginative play and roll play.

Harry loves building and designing things – and so, these fun Melissa & Doug blocks create new designing and city planning every time. From trees, to road signs and fun service facades – one can create a wonderful play zone for your Melissa & Doug cars.

Harry’s also become bit of a frequent flyer – and so this little aeroplane was a hit! Flap the wings, load the luggage and bon voyage!

I love Clever Little Monkey for their thoughtfully curated selection of toys. From educational to imaginative games and crafts, there is lots of fun to he had, with Clever Little Monkey! 

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