So we’ve had some pretty big developments over the last few month – if you’ve picked up that my blog has slowed down a little . . ok a lot – well it’s because I’m pregnant! It’s a boy . . . and . . .  another boy . . . and, erm a girl! We’re expecting triplets! 🙂

In August we were back in South Africa to do another round of IVF, and while one part of me was so determined for it to work, like I have no other option; the other half of me was filled with self doubt and I kept thinking the worst and I was getting my head around only having 1 child.(Oh think of all the travel we could do! 🙂   )

Alas, I was pregnant. Whooop!

After galavanting around Cape Town, a flight to Samara Private Game Reserve and a long haul flight to Dublin (NAUSEOUS AS HELL! Clutching onto a Coca Cola and a white roll) I experienced some bleeding and though “oh no!”, I’ve just pushed my body too far and should have taken things a little easier.

So at 5 1/2 weeks, I went for a scan, to find out there were two little heart beats – I was beyond thrilled and a little like “woah!” I also couldn’t get my hopes up as the same thing had happened when falling pregnant with Harry, but 1 little egg wasn’t to be. (Thank goodness for happy Harry!)

At 7 wks we went for another scan and the two little heart beats were again confirmed. (Smiles) – after a long pause, the nurse asked if she could bring in a colleague as she believed to have seen a third baby! Whaaaaat?


We were pregnant with triplets.(Nervous giggle!)  I think I’ve been in a kind of a pregnancy I-Don’t-Believe-It type of haze for the last few months.

The first trimester I literally just spent sleeping and eating every 2 hours. (Love affair with cheesy carbs!)

Now I’m fuelled with the energy of Christmas and the fact that my folks are here for the holidays. I’ve got around 14 wks left if all goes well – babies due to exit at 34 wks! Amongst the pregnancy fog I’ve had a few months to have a long hard think about the ride ahead – and so I’ve decided to put to bed and focus on my new found super-sized family. I will certainly miss it, but I’m actually quite excited about the new venture. It’ll probably be the hardest venture I’ve ever had to undertake, but there’s something very freeing and right about this decision.

There will still be a couple of posts to come and perhaps a few pregnancy updates – but as we near the imminent arrival of our sports team – I’ll solely be focused on that!

I’ve so loved being able to find & share with you over the last (almost 10) years. Thank you for the wonderful comments and messages along the way. I’m truly grateful to have spent those few years, doing what I love – thank YOU for the follow! xx


You can still follow me on instagram @kimgrayza for updates! xx


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